Thursday, October 23, 2008

Everyone is on about nuclear missiles

Following the fall of Communism (and hence the end of the Cold War) and then the "War on Terror" that following 9-11 the ICBM and it's submarine launched cousin appeared to be as obsolete as the mace, at least to the uneducated and especially journalists but the fact is they are the ultimate guarantor of sovereignty. What was the first thing the Russians put money into and started to revamp once they got over the chaos of the fall of the USSR (hint : it wasn't tanks)?

No not phallic in the slightest

So a few articles on nuclear missiles to look at. Firstly Russia is looking to counter US anti-ballistic missile systems by improving it's Strategic Missile Forces. New types of silo and mobile ballistic missiles will be deployed including the 5th generation RS-24 and RS-12M2 Topol-Ms. The new generation of missiles will presumably include penaids designed to defeat missile defence systems.

The RS-24 is an interesting missile, which will be one of the main types of Russian ICBM up until 2050 replacing SS-18/19s and able to carry up to 10
independently targetable warheads and can be launched from a mobile launcher. Deployment will begin next year.

Russia has held test firings of the RS-18 ICBM, RS-12M and R-29RM SLBMs recently. India has begun a project to develop it's own missile that can travel over 5000km (which is into ICBM territory) known as the Agni-V project. Meanwhile China is looking into anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBMs), conventionally or nuclear armed missiles that would be launched against high-value naval targets (such as aircraft carriers). Getting the required accuracy and terminal guidance sound like interesting problems.

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