Thursday, May 7, 2009

Army to get Jackals and Coyotes

You may notice this blog has not covered much in the way of British Army or land warfare issues up until now mostly because i find the variety of equipment they use rather bewildering! This is going to change though as the way way to learn about something is to research it and write it up! If i screw up though, say so!

180 new vehicles have been ordered for the Army for combat duty in Afghanistan. 110 Jackal 2s and 70 Coyote Tactical Support Vehicles have been ordered.

Compared to it's predecessor, the Jackal 2 has improved manoeuvrability and (stated) reliability, that of course has to be proven in action, and can carry 3 crew instead of 2.

Coyote is a 6x6 version of the Jackal. Deliveries are expected to begin in a couple of months and the vehicles will be ready for service by the Autumn. Of course the big question is, are these vehicles any good. No doubt they are better than light (or none) armoured Land Rovers but the excellent Defence Of The Realm blog is less than impressed.

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Alex said...

they don't have roofs; I am pretty sure this could present a problem vs; well anything

yours sincerly