Friday, May 1, 2009

Tories may cut Trident

The Conservatives have already said they may cut some major weapon programmes if/when they get elected as they cut spending and try and balance the books, A400M and the new tankers have already been mentioned as being for the chop. But now it seems one of the biggest future procurements of all could be at risk : the Trident nuclear deterrent. Though looking into the story a little deeper the hint of cuts come from major Tory figures not offering protection for Trident, which will cost over £20 billion, should there need to be big defence cuts.

Cameron has said that a cheaper alternative may be pursued including "land based cruise missiles" which personally i do not understand. Now submarine launched cruise missiles is another matter and one i personally wish the UK would pursue to replace Trident instead of a next generation of SLBMs.

Of course i don't believe for one moment the Tories would actually get rid of our nuclear weapons. Surely?

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