Thursday, May 14, 2009

MOD pays to upgrade APCs being taken out of service

Even though the failed Vector armoured vehicle is being withdrawn from service as it is insufficient to protect troops in Afghanistan against IEDs the MOD is still paying to upgrade it! The vehicles are being withdrawn after just 2 years when they were found inadequate, so much so indeed Army commanders called them "Coffins". BAE has an ongoing programme to upgrade the suspension and wheel hubs but not the armour which was quickly found not to deflect the blast from roadside or buried bombs. The MOD will have to pay for 20 more vehicles to be upgraded later this year.

The vehicles are not totally useless of course, they can be used in other theatres, training et cetera but it seems a bit silly does it not? The MOD are also paying to upgrade some Snatch Land Rovers which are also being withdrawn.

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