Monday, May 18, 2009

Spare parts shortage hit Mastiff

The Mastiff was urgently ordered to provide extra protection for troops in Afghanistan however a shortage of spare parts meant 30% were out of action meaning less well protected vehicles like Snatch Land Rover continued to be used because of a dispute between the US manufacturer and a UK company who up-armoured and supported the vehicles for the British.

The problem arose because the Mastiffs were made by a US company, Force Protection, who demanded any spare parts which British company NP Aerospace used came from themselves and by US law spare parts have to go to the US forces first and foreign armies second. Thus spare parts intended for the British instead went to the US in Iraq. Finally the US company relented but the damage was already done.

Which just goes to show why you need to maintain an indigenous armaments industry doesn't it? Then at least you can only blame yourself when stuff isn't available.

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