Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GPS close to breakdown?

US officials are worried about the Global Positioning System (GPS) which underpins everything from smart munitions to helping drivers. It is feared the system could start to deteriorate from as early as next year because of underinvestment and mismanagement of the system that transferred to USAF control in the 1990s. A programme to upgrade GPS is ongoing but delays (replacing satellites is currently running at 3 years late) could see the quality of the service degrade.

Good job for Galileo eh which certain sections of the media decried as a waste of money. Obviously they always put their eggs in one basket. Russia already have an equivalent system, GLONASS, though this also fell into disrepair and recently has been restored to working order. China are working on their own version, Beidou. India and Japan are working on regional solutions.

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