Thursday, December 11, 2008

Confirmation : CVF delayed

I already reported it but the government has confirmed that the new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy will be delayed by a year or two. Construction will start on time but will proceed more slowly. What annoys me is crass stupidity like this though, yes the current fight is in Afghanistan but who knows where the fight will be tomorrow. For example how many people before 1982 had ever heard of the Falklands?

Anyway other details in the defence review were largely as expected, 12 Lynx Mark 9s will be upgraded with new engines for use in Afghanistan, Future Lynx survives and priority will be given to the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme and the FRES Scout vehicle in favour of the FRES Utility Vehicle (i'm not all that familiar with Army stuff, these guys are the place to go for that kind of thing). What didn't pop up before was the likely delay in the fleet tanker part of MARS and it looks like the whole programme will be looked at again.

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