Monday, January 19, 2009

A400M delays force look at alternatives

Further delays to the Airbus A400M are forcing the RAF to look to alternatives. The problem the air force has are it's ageing C-130K Hercules which are now due to expire before they can be replaced by the A400M. The UK defence secretary said a 3 to 4 year delay in A400M would not be accepted. EADS have proposed A330 as an interim measure, though the RAF already have some on order for it's future tankers. More C-17s would probably be the RAF's best choice though of course with any procurement this days the biggest problem will be finding the money for it.

Update (19/01/09) : the RAF is looking at "leasing or procuring" either C-17s and C-130s or extending the lives of the C-130Ks which need replacing around 2012. Some of the C-130Ks may be able to stretch to 2014.

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