Monday, February 9, 2009

US using AWE to develop its own nuclear weapons?

According to the Guardian the US is using the facilities at the AWE at Aldermaston to carry out research into it's own next generation of warhead alongside work on the UK's. The AWE is apparently helping with dual axis hydrodynamic experiments replicating the conditions in a warhead as it starts to explode (with computer modelling that is). The UK apparently has facilities in this that the US lacks. To be honest this should be a source for pride and makes sense considering how linked our 2 nuclear weapon programems are but of course the likes of CND and other liberals are calling foul. They are claiming it breaches the non-proliferation treaty.

Jones knew, after the warhead test went slightly wrong, he would have a bitch of a report to write in the morning

This states "Each nuclear weapon state party to the treaty undertakes not to transfer to any recipient whatsoever nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices indirectly or indirectly." Computer modelling, if that is the extent of the co-operation, probably leaves sufficient wriggle room.

There is also criticism that the facilities at AWE mean the UK is subsiding the US nuclear weapon programme. But as the US is subsiding the delivery system to an extent (although we buy Trident we didn't have to pay for the development of it) maybe there should be a bit quid pro quo.

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