Sunday, March 8, 2009

Troubles returning to Northern Ireland?

The shooting of 2 soldiers in Northern Ireland by unnamed paramilitaries will be a shock to people who thought the "troubles" belonged in the past. The soldiers were the first murdered in NI for 12 years and it is thought the attack was made by renegade republicans (possibly the Real IRA who have shown signs recently of rearming and whom tried to detonate a car bomb last year) out to try and derail the troubled peace process. 4 others were also injured and taken to hospital following the attack at Massereene Army Base, home to 38 Engineering Regiment, in County Antrim.

The truth is though the violence has continued in Northern Ireland since the end of the bombing campaigns of the likes of the IRA. Sectarian violence has continued with punishment beatings common. Bombings may have ceased and shootings reduced but the violence and potential for violence has remained as seen by the above sad events. 15% of MI5's total intelligence gathering resources are still dedicated to fighting terrorism in the province. Undercover surveillance soldiers from the Army's Special Reconnaissance Regiment recently revealed to be operating in NI again.

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