Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now defence would be cut by the Tories, protected by Labour?

The general election of course has already begun (even if the election is not until next year) and for a change defence has become part of the battleground and not invisible during the campaign. Personally if being used of a political football helps get the armed forces the funding they require then so be it. The Conservatives have already said that defence would not be exempt from budget cuts if/when they get to power (though international development would be safe, i'm sure core Tory voters love that!) but now the PM (no not Brown the real PM) says defence will be exempt from spending cuts should Labour win the next election. Whether you can actually believe anything Mandleson says is another matter of course. Labour's record on funding the armed forces has not been good over the last 12 years so why should we believe 5 more years would be any better.

RN personnel investigate a pirate dhow, not as some cruel people might speculate an artist impression of the entire Royal Navy in 5 years time

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