Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear MOD, why oh why oh why...

Michael Yon reports (or tweets) that he is to be no longer embedded with British forces in Afghanistan, an amazing about-face coming just a few days after the MOD tweeted itself about how good his dispatches were. He suspects it is because he was about to write about how the MOD is underreporting casualties or it could be because of some Google maps he used in a recent dispatch (though you would think it would be easier for the Taleban to look out of their window to see where the soldiers were not use the internet). Whatever the reason it is rather shortsighted in my view. Michael Yon's dispatches were more or less the only news coming out of Afghanistan reporting what British troops were actually doing out there.

Now we are left with contextless casualty reports and bland press releases from the MOD. And maybe "they" will wonder why so many British people do not understand and support the mission there even if they support the troops, if all they ever read about is "our boys dying" but not what "our boys are doing there" then is it any wonder? Of course the British media should be stepping up to the plate and explaining what the British troops are doing there but do not hold your breath. That would be difficult and it is much easier staying in London and rewriting MOD press releases and PA news reports.

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