Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

If the Afghan war is to be funded properly then it will be so the MOD says, but at a cost. Money will be taken from elsewhere in the defence budget from "low-priority projects" to afford extra equipment for the front line including 22 more Chinook helicopters. The RAF seems to be going to bear the brunt of the cuts elsewhere according to reports with an air base to shut and the Harrier, Tornado and Nimrod fleets to be cut. MOD jobs could also go. Though the rumours about one of the Queen Elizabeth carriers being sold to the Indians won't go away. A survey ship and minesweeper will be retired early.

Update 10:38 : RAF Cottesmore is the base to be closed according to the BBC with a Tornado squadron being cut and Harriers retired early.

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