Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Briefings : Cheonan torpedo, USN order, KC-X

According to the Korea Times parts of the screw of a torpedo have been found at the site of the Cheonan corvette which indicates it's destruction was due to a North Korean torpedo attack. The torpedo was either Chinese or Russian made. Tensions are rising in the area, a few days ago South Korean fired warning shots at 2 North Korean patrol boats when they strayed into South Korean waters.

The USN is to buy 124 Super Hornets and Growlers over the next 4 years in a fixed price contract which will cost the Navy less per plane. Despite this order the USN is still likely to be short by over 150 fighters later in the decade.

In the latest twist to the KC-X saga Boeing now say they may not bid on the massive tanker deal as they may not be able to make any money out of it. EADS have been stressing how American their offering will be and it's European equivalent the A330 MRTT is continuing it's development demonstrating buddy tankering when one A330 refuelled another.

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