Thursday, July 24, 2008

BAE JetEye anti-missile system tested on airliners

BAE System's JetEye anti-missile system is now being tested aboard airliners belonging to American Airlines in a programme being monitored by the US Homeland Security department. One AA Boeing 767 has had the system, derived from similar military systems, fitted and 2 more 767s will be fitted with it later in a trial which will last until early next year. JetEye contains sensors to detect incoming infrared seeking missiles, tracking sensors and a laser designed to attack the missile's guidance. Once the system is turned on it operates totally automatically.

All in a system that only weighs 100KG though of course with fuel prices as they are the airlines probably consider that a lot and thus its expensive... though a lot cheaper than replacing an airliner shot down by an idiot with a MANPAD of course.

The tests however will not be involving any live firing of missiles but will check the maintainability and reliability of the system.

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