Monday, July 28, 2008

Zimbabwe army near collapse

The Zimbabwe army is said to be near collapse with impoverished soldiers with poor equipment that is falling apart. No i said Zimbabwe not Britain! The economic collapse of the country is impoverishing it's army so does that have implications for Mugabe as he is being propped up by the powerful Generals? They are rich however while the lowly foot soldiers earn less than £13 a month and miminal food. Their equipment like boots, the cheapest Chinese available, fall apart in days. Ammo is in such short supply that new recruits arn't training on the firing range. Unfortunately the state of the army is said to not mean Mugabe is about to be removed as most soldiers would rather desert or leave than revolt.

So another low is reached, last week it was reported Zimbabwe couldn't even print any more of it's largely worthless currency as it had run out of the paper (and probably ran out of space for the zeroes). But when you think that poor country has reached the lowest point and can't get any worse unfortunately it seems to do just that.

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