Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exercise Blue Toreador (Taurus 09)

Following on from Egemen the Taurus 09 deployment has split with some ships heading to Bangladesh for training with the Bangladeshi Navy in riverine warfare while others are taking part in Blue Toreador which is an ASW exercise in the Arabian Sea. Merlins from 820 squadron operating from HMS Ocean "hunted" for the RN submarine HMS Talent. T23s HMS Somerset and Portland also "hunted" for the submarine with their active sonars.

HMS Talent is also honing it's attack and evasion skills in trying to avoid being detected and "destroyed". The US destroyer USS Mitscher and RFA Wave Ruler are also taking part in the exercise which lasts until April 25th.

Photo of USS Mitscher taken from the periscope of HMS Talent

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