Tuesday, April 21, 2009

JSF hacked

Hackers have broken into Pentagon computers and downloaded terabytes of data on the F-35 JSF project relating to the JSF design and electronics it has been reported. The most sensitive information on JSF was not on internet connected computers though but the information that was gained could help defend against the JSF. Former US officials say the cyberattack appears to have originated in China though China has denied they engage in "cyber crime" (of course) and it is fairly easy to mask the true location of a hacker anyway. Recently the MOD ordered it's first 3 JSFs for the initial evaluation of the type which will serve with the RAF and FAA.

Recently the existence of a vast underground espionage network called GhostNet which has infiltrated over 1000 computers in over 100 countries has been reported by the University of Toronto. China has been accused as being behind GhostNet though there is yet no proof on their involvement.

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