Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Briefings : Nuclear summit, USAF, Trident replacement

A summit by 47 leaders in Washington is discussing nuclear weapons and nuclear security. The key issue appears to be trying to stop rogue states and terrorist groups like al-Qaeda getting ahold of nuclear weapons or the material to make a device. France meanwhile says it will not give up it's nuclear weapons though the Ukraine is going to get rid of it's enriched uranium. Iran, North Korea and Israel are not attending for various reasons.

The USAF may convert some F-15Cs into radar jammers. These would be F-15Cs upgraded with AESA radar which would allow them to be fitted with a radar jamming pod. The USAF may retire 20 C-5s instead of modernising them to save money and because they have received more C-17s than they originally wanted.

HMS Monmouth has returned from a 6 month tour of service in the Middle East where it's main task was protecting Iraqi oil platforms. Labour have ditched their plans to only build 3 new SSBNs and have pledged to build 4 if they are re-elected next month.

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