Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UK General Election

After months of electioneering the general election has begun and on May 6th the British people will decide on a new government. As a political junkie i shall be enjoying the chaos and mania of course though the MOD will be on a virtual freeze so there may not be a great deal of UK defence news over the next few weeks. Unfortunately defence itself is unlikely to be much of an issue in the election despite the crocodile tears about "Our Boys" the media and (to an extent) the public like to shed. Want to improve the kit to the troops? Yes! Want to pay more taxes to afford it? Er... no!

We are likely to have a strategic defence review after the election no matter who wins. And likely defence cuts because of the economic problems. That will be true if Brown, Cameron, Clegg or Lord Bucket Head are the PM on May 7th.

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