Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Briefings (13/01/10) : Trident, Chinese BMD, RQ-170

An indefinate delay in the programme to replace the existing British nuclear deterrent has thrown the programme into disarray. The MOD say further time is needed, it could all depend on the general election or more likely whats left of the British economy later in the decade! Early work has begun at the proposed £12 billion Defence Technical College project in Glamorgan though a final decision on the project will be... delayed of course.

Information Dissemination look at some recent Chinese anti-missile tests, testing a mid-course missile interception system. Aviation Week talks about CVF again, not sure there is anything new there to be honest. China and Iran seem to be engaged in a cyber-war, but why?

The US Coast Guard plan to turn off the LORAN-C radio navigation system saying it is no longer needed because of GPS.

DEW Line has some more photos of the mysterious, though frequently photographed RQ-170 drone.

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