Monday, January 25, 2010

Briefings : Gunsights, Ark Royal, Cobra

Trijicon, who supplied the gun sights containing Biblical references to the British, US, Australian and New Zealand armies, have agreed to stop putting the reference on the sights and will provide kits to allow their removal from existing weapons. The British have ordered 400 sights for use with it's new L129A1 rifles.

HMS Ark Royal will resume it's role as the Navy's flagship today after completing it's sea trials following a refit. The carrier will also become the RN's "strike carrier" and operate Harrier jets.

US Marine Corp Cobra helicopter gunships are to receive new datalinks and helmet displays in  a $24 million update. The China-US cyberwar rumbles on. An expert has claimed the Chinese used backdoors built into Gmail for the US government to spy on e-mails to launch it's own attacks. China has accused the US of "online warfare" including using a cyber army to increase unrest in Iran.

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