Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Briefings (20/01/10) : Service chiefs clash, Weather

The head of the British Army, General David Richards, has countered the claims by the other services on the dwindling British defence budget (such as the First Sea Lord who says Britain must retain hard power) by saying the UK should concentrate on weapons for counter-insurgency and lower intensity warfare. A lot of UAV and COIN aircraft could be bought for the price of a few JSF he says. But surely you should be preparing for the next war not fighting the last one again?

The BBC are considering not renewing it's contract with the Met Office (which is part of the MOD of course) for it's weather forecasts. Geoff Hoon has told the Chilcot Iraq War inquiry that the British forces didn't have enough helicopters because of the Treasury. Now who was in charge of the Treasury back then... why i believe he is now Prime Minister.

US Marines are being issued with gun sights which include Biblical references in the sights.

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