Friday, January 22, 2010

Briefings (22/01/10) : UK in Haiti, A400M, Light Patrol Vehicle

RFA Largs Bay will depart later this month from Southampton and will arrive in Haiti in February. It will carry supplies from the British government and NGOs and will also provide a sea base for UK personnel involved with the recovery effort.

The Foreign Office has a short fall of £110 million and will have to cut back on it's anti-terrorism efforts in Pakistan it is claimed by the opposition.

The UK has conducted load tests of the A400M using a mock-up of the transporter's hold.

Supacat have unveiled it's contender for the British Army's new light patrol vehicle to replace the Snatch Land Rover in Afghanistan. The SPV400 has been delivered to the MOD for trials.

New Zealand have ordered the removal of coded Biblical messages from US made gunsights they are using in Afghanistan. Microsoft are to publish an urgent security patch for Internet Explorer after it was revealed it was security holes in IE that enabled Chinese hackers to attack Google and other US companies.

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