Monday, August 11, 2008

Abkhazia ready to open second front?

The other breakaway region of Georgia, Abkhazia, has mobilised it's forces and could be preparing to open a second front against Georgia. Abkhazian aircraft and artillery have already attacked Georgian positions and are massing in Gali district next to the Georgian border. As reported earlier Russian forces are already in the region.

Russian forces proported to be in Abkhazia

Meanwhile there are reports of dead mercenaries among Georgian losses in Tskhinvali or dead soldiers with dark skins anyway who are said to be either mercenaries or military advisers. An American soldier is a prisoner of the Russians though photos of him seem to be bogus.

Georgian soldiers usually look like this

Meanwhile there are signs the Russians have unleashed cyber warfare (how cool) against Georgia. Also have a look here for some interesting commentary on possible bigger consequences behind the events of the last few days.

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