Sunday, August 10, 2008

Russian forces move out of South Ossetia into rest of Georgia

Russian forces have crossed from South Ossetia into central Georgia apparently (though a BBC TV reporter in the city this morning didn't seem to mention this oddly) and are now assaulting the city of Gori. The city, which has already been subject to a number of air attacks, was HQ for the Georgian military during their campaign against South Ossetian separatists last week which prompted the Russian invasion. Now Gori is coming under tank and artillery fire while Georgian defenders dig in. Other Russian forces are massing with local fighters in the other breakaway region of Abkhazia and could also enter Georgia. In other developments there have been reports that a US soldier working as an adviser to the Georgians has been captured in South Ossetia.

Russian artillery operating in South Ossetia

Georgian troops prepare for battle in Gori

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