Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How bad exactly was Russia in Georgia?

Georgia has claimed extensive damage to it's military and civilian infrastructure at the hands of Russian forces, however western journalists invited to visit sites in western Georgia by the government have found few signs of damage to civilian facilities. The journalists in the port of Poti, for example, saw extensive damage to Georgian naval facilities including most of their navy and coast guard destroyed in their berths. However the civilian parts of the ports were largely untoughed except for the odd blast damage. Georgians said they were nervous about the presence of Russian troops however a student in Zugdidi said the Russians also seemed afraid of the Georgians.

Meanwhile Abkhazia is taking advantage of the situation to strengthen it's position and are posting troops on their border with Georgia. Russian tanks have begun withdrawal from Gori finally and there has been a prisoner exchange between Russia and Georgia though Russia are accusing Georgia of not withdrawing from South Ossetia.

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