Monday, August 11, 2008

US airlift Georgian troops back from Iraq

The US have airlifted 800 Georgian troops stationed in Iraq back into Georgia to help bolster the forces trying to resist against the Russians. The Russians have criticised the US for supporting Georgia calling them the real aggressors (as indeed they were though they would argue they are quite entitled to using military force against rebels in their own country).

There are signs the conflict could be coming to an end though as Russian President Medvedev has said objectives in South Ossetia are nearly completed with his forces now in control of the Ossetian capital, though the Georgians say Russia want to invade all of their country.

Meanwhile Israel will limit future sales of UAVs to Georgia to avoid angering the Russians. Three Elbit Hermes 450 UAVs have been destroyed by the Russians in recent months including one which memorably filmed it's own destruction at the hands (or rather AAM) of a MiG-29.

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