Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fighting continues despite peace moves

Fighting has continued between Georgia and Russia despite Georgia saying it had called a ceasefire and claiming it's forces had been withdrawn from South Ossetia. Russian aircraft have been reported striking targets deep in Georgia including the airport at the capital Tbilisi. Russian forces are also said to be in control of Tskhinvali though this was claimed before.

Meanwhile there are signs of escalation of the conflict, the Russian Navy is blockading Georgian ports (though they deny it of course) on the Black Sea and Russian sources are claiming a Georgian missile boat was sunk when it tried to attack Russian ships. Georgia has said the Russians have landed thousands of troops in the other breakaway region of Abkhazia, a sign that they want to open up a second front and more secure logistics line perhaps. The way into South Ossetia from Russia is via one road and tunnel and thus rather vulnerable. Incidentally the port the Russians are landing the forces at, Ochamchire, was linked to Russia by a new railway line completed just a couple of months ago. By the way Ukraine says Russian ships that attack Georgia will not be allowed back into it's waters to use the naval base the Russians lease there.

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