Monday, March 29, 2010

Briefings : A400M, Green military, Afghan AF

The UK is likely to spell out it's share of the increased contributions by partner nations to the A400M air lifter project. The increase in money the UK will provide is said to be "miminal" but the RAF's order will drop from 25 to 22 planes the first of which is expected in service by early 2014. The MOD has also published it's Sustainable Procurement Strategy which aims to make the UK military "greener" (no jokes please). Recent MOD policies have certainly reduced the military's carbon footprint: less ships, less planes and less troops for less CO2!

RAF fighters have been scrambled twice this month in response to possible hijacked airliners. The ultimate reason for the fighters is to shoot the airliner down if necessary to prevent 9-11 style mass casualties though this decision can only come from the PM, Home Secretary or Transport Secretary. The Cessna 208 Grand Caravan is thought to be the favourite to win a contract for 60 light transports which the US will provide for the Afghan Air Force.

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