Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Briefings : Nimrod, ISR, Largs Bay

Flight International has a very good look back at the Nimrod Mk2 which ends it's 41 year career with the RAF today. Nimrod Mk 2 saw action in the Falklands War, Gulf War 1, Yugoslavia, Gulf War 2 and Afghanistan.
The spyplane Nimrod R1 s also being withdrawn and being replaced by RC-135s though it is warned that a defence review might delay the investment in this and other ISR platforms like the planned purchase of a MALE UAV. Yet another big MOD has run into criticism, the future tanker PFI deal will be 5 years late and will require further modifications because the MOD did not think they would need protection for flying in combat zones. You couldn't make it up.

RFA Largs Bay has returned from Haiti where it took relief supplies on behalf of the government and NGOs. A DPRK submarine or semi-submersible was apparently leaving and returning to it's base before and after the nearby sinking of the Choenan corvette though there is nothing to suggest the South Korean ship was lost due to a torpedo attack.

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