Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Briefings : FSC, FRES SV, Lots of fighter news

The UK could move ahead with development of it's next frigate (FSC / Type 26) and select a contractor for FRES SV soon (General Dynamics are already rumoured to have won this) in the next few days.

China is said to be close to flight testing it's next generation fighter which will surprise the US Secretary of Defence who said China would not have a 5th generation fighter before 2020. Maybe he meant "into service" which apparently is the PLAAF's aim for it to enter service.

Japan is looking to replace it's ageing F-4s and the Super Hornet could be an option. Boeing is willing to outsource some production to Japan if they decide to buy the jet and could deliver the first 10 in 2015 if the order is placed this year. Denmark is also looking at buying the Super Hornet instead of the F-35 according to some reports, sceptical on that to be honest. Argentina is also looking to replace some fighters at the end of their lives (some Mirage IIIA/DAs) however in their case their target is a rather more modest second-hand purchase of ex-Jordanian Mirage F1CJs. Two Saab 340 Eyieye AEW planes will also be bought.

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