Friday, March 19, 2010

Briefings : Rare Earth minerals, Denmark, Russian SAMs

US politicians are looking into forming the first official stockpile of rare Earth minerals and to revive domestic production of minerals. China currently controls nearly 100% of world supply and production of the minerals which are crucial to the production of weapon systems ranging from night vision goggles to missiles.

Following speculation on state radio about Denmark ditching the JSF for the Super Hornet the Danish defence ministry says their fighter competition is still ongoing. The Russian Air Force has received 10 SA-22 Greyhound SAM systems (or to give them their actual Russian name Pantsir S1). Each unit carries up to 12 SAMs and also has 2 30mm cannons.

Swiftsure class submarine HMS Sceptre has been sent down to the South Atlantic to bolster Royal Navy and other UK forces around the Falkland Islands. The Chinese ballistic missile defence programme is discussed in the Taiwan Link blog in the light of a successful exo-atmospheric test intercept of a missile in January.


Jessica D'Amico (JeDa) said...

Is China's availability is so high because of their recent African natural resources deals.
Will this kickstart a cold war of mineral resources betw China and US? What is Europe saying, will they join in?

Chris said...

so high because of capitalism. other mining sites around the world were uneconomic so were closed. but they can be reopened again... as some are