Monday, March 22, 2010

Briefings : Westminster, SAR, GPS spoofing

Type 23 frigate HMS Westminster has completed it's major refit and upgrade. The frigate's Seawolf system has been upgraded to increase the range, the command and control system upgraded, new gun and a transom flap. Westminster will begin sea trials ahead of a return to the fleet in May.

The Royal Navy's Search & Rescue duty crew have broken the "record" for responding to emergency calls. In 2009 there were 447 call-outs, breaking the previous record of 382.

France are still trying to sell Rafale to someone, Kuwait is a likely customer though the sale is now facing opposition in the Kuwaiti parliament. GPS spoofing could be a future terrorist threat it has been warned. More subtle than jamming, spoofing would be harder to detect.

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