Thursday, March 25, 2010

Briefings : Type 26, RAAF, RMAF

A contract has been signed for the assessment phase for the next Royal Navy warships the Type 26 Combat Ship which will replace the Type 22 and eventually the Type 23 frigates. Calling the Type 26 a Combat Ship and not a frigate from the off is interesting, personally i think the terms like destroyer and frigate are obsolete. Though even more interesting perhaps is the fact the "combat ship" will be also suitable for non-combat missions like humanitarian relief. But its the MOD, its not supposed to make sense. Work on Astute #5 will also begin and long-lead items for #6 will be bought. A long term service agreement for the Astutes has also been signed with Babcock.
The first of the Royal Australian Air Force's new Super Hornets will be making their first flights over their new home tomorrow. Malaysia is looking to buy some new fighters and AEW aircraft.

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