Friday, February 12, 2010

Briefings : A400M, SAC film, 146

EADS will ground the A400M next Monday if a deal cannot be reached to agree extra funding for it's development from the European partners.

A film made by Strategic Air Command at the height of the Cold War to reassure the public but never shown has been found in the US National Archives. SAC Command Post was a 17 minute film intended to counter the anti-nuclear message in films like Dr Strangelove. The Royal Australian Air Force's F-111 fleet has been grounded following an engine fire. The type is due to be withdrawn from service at the end of the year.

Is China punishing the USA for the Taiwan arms deal by buying Airbus A320s for Air China rather than Boeing 737s? Well maybe though the A320 is now being built in China anyway. BAE Systems is saying the BAE 146 could be a stopgap transport aircraft for air forces affected by delays to other types... like the A400M?

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