Friday, February 19, 2010

Briefings : Python, Royal Navy, Aussie Growlers

The Royal Engineers have used their new mine and IED clearing Python for the first time in Afghanistan as part of Operation Moshtarak. The system fires a rocket which leaves a snake like object on the area to be cleared. The "snake" is then detonated. Python is deployed in a trailer pulled by an engineer's tank.

The First Sea Lord has set out his vision for the future of the Royal Navy in an interview, i hope his vision includes somehow getting money out of the Treasury. Meanwhile 2 Type 45 destroyers have performed at sea side-by-side for the first time.

The President of the west African country of Niger has been seized in a military coup. Australia is delaying it's decision whether to convert it's 12 Super Hornets ready wired for EA-18F standard into Growlers. They may convert the fighters to Growlers at a later stage.

CDR Salamander highlights a story of US Marines saving a child's life in Afghanistan. Not a story reported much, of course if they had killed her it would have been wall to wall coverage in the media.

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