Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Briefings : Typhoon AESA, Falklands, Moshtarak

An RAF Typhoon could be flying with an AESA radar in a couple of years after a deal between the MOD and Selex Galileo to develop a new radar for the Typhoon in a technology demonstration programme. With the Typhoon's competitors either already having or will have AESA radars the Typhoon probably needs it as an option to keep competitive for future customers even if the RAF do not get it themselves. Though they probably will, eventually.

Argentina has "stepped up" it's current Falklands spat by ordering all vessels which leave British waters for Argentine ports and vice versa need a permit.

Operation Moshtarak day 5, the Taliban are using human shields to slow the US progress against them such as putting women and children on the top of houses and firing behind them. The British and Afghan Army forces have meanwhile discovered a number of Taliban caches including fake Afghan Army and Police uniforms. The MOD have a piece by an RAF Chinook pilot on his role in flying in special forces into key locations at the start of the offensive.

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