Monday, February 15, 2010

Briefings : Moshtarak round-up, India, Helicopters

Moshtarak is said to be going to plan with 15,000 NATO troops now stationed in southern Helmand and key objectives said to have been achieved and the majority of territory NATO aimed to seize now in their hands. The focus is now to win the hearts and minds of the civilian population. Though the number of IEDs is said to more more than the NATO commanders expected and this is slowing matters. Two rockets went off course and killed 12 civilians and NATO has responded by banning the use of rockets.

India is to spend big on defence over the next 12 years with plans to spend $200 billion on new equipment by 2022. The aim is to replace much of the Soviet-era equipment in the Indian armed forces especially in the air force. Half of the combat aeroplanes and the entire transport and helicopter fleets are to be replaced.

Russia is aiming to greatly expand it's share of the world helicopter market, with the aim of quadrupaling it's market share in 5 years. A piece of the Indian defence budget would help in that of course. The prototype of the German Army's new CH-53GA helicopter has made it's first flight.

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