Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Briefings : Labour green paper, QDR, AEW

Labour will commit to major defence projects like CVF according to a Defence Green Paper and will rule out defence cuts until next year, even though they are already happening.  Meanwhile at the Iraq enquiry the head of the armed forces has said that the rush to the (Iraq) war meant that not enough body armour could be sourced for British troops.

The US have revealed their latest QDR (Quadrennial Defence Review - which is an excellent idea by the way the UK should adopt). It calls for the US armed forces to be highly flexible and able to handle a wide range of situations from major wars to homeland defence. One loser will be CGX though.

The chief of the troubled F-35 project has been fired by the US Defence secretary. Lockheed Martin have also had money with held. Is the JSF a project that is too big to fail? US Patriot missiles are being deployed to Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait to protect against Iranian missile attack.

At the Singapore Air Show the Singapore Air Force has shown off it's new G550 AEW platform for the first time.

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