Friday, February 5, 2010

Briefings : Service links, Rafale, BMD

Although a merger of the three services is probably unlikely (well hopefully) the nature of combined operations these days does make closer links between the services a good idea, and even the Defence Secretary agrees with that. He said the three services do not stand and separately as they used to citing the example of the Joint Helicopter Command.

Despite earlier reports that the Rafale had been selected for the Brazilian Air Force the defence ministry is now playing down these reports. Maybe they want the price to be cut a little more. Earlier reports suggested the order for 36 Rafale F3s had been confirmed after the price had been dropped to $6.2 billion. The Super Hornet and the Gripen NG are the other contenders, the air force is reported to prefer the Gripen but the President wants the Rafale. Personally i think the Rafale is the best choice but it is likely politics rather than anything else that will decide the "winner".
HMS Nottingham is due to be decommissioned and the crew paid farewell to their destroyer's namesake city. Romania will host US missile interceptors in the latest attempt to build a BMD shield in eastern Europe.

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