Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Briefings : RAF fears, China, BMD Fail

The head of the RAF, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton, is pessimistic about how the RAF will fare in the next round of spending cuts.

China has threatened to sanction firms involved in a $6.4 billion arms deal between US companies and Taiwan which it opposes. This could include Boeing which is selling $37 million worth of missiles to Taiwan. An embargo could hit Boeing very badly as they currently dominate the fast growing Chinese airliner market.

Boeing's latest attempt to squeeze out some more life out of the Eagle, the F-15 Silent Eagle, will not have the vee-tail after all unless a customer wants it (and will pay for it).

The latest US ballistic missile test, testing the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense Missile, has failed. The failure is being blamed on the sea-based X-Band radar.

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